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Recipe: Summertime Happiness Salad

Posted by Carlo on July 30, 2014
A quick and unique dressing for summer salads or a marinade for weekend grilling, this recipe is made and stored easily in a Mason jar capped with The Original reCAP®! Our Summertime Happiness salad celebrates fresh strawberries with a robust and refreshing zing.

Grapefruit Ginger Dressing

1/4 cup light oil (sunflower, canola, or olive oil)

Juice from 1/2 ruby red grapefruit, freshly squeezed

1/2 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. black pepper

1/2 to 1 tsp. minced fresh ginger

1 tsp. honey


Into a half pint Mason jar, add all of the ingredients except for the grapefruit juice. Squeeze most of the juice from the half grapefruit through a sieve into the jar.

Screw on The Original reCAP Mason Jars pour cap – shake vigorously for a couple minutes or until well incorporated. Serve as a salad dressing or use as a marinade for fish, chicken, beef, or vegetables.

Summertime Happiness Salad
Prepare plates with a bed of baby spinach or your choice of fresh greens. Add sliced strawberries, sunflower seeds or thinly sliced roasted almonds, thinly sliced shallot (optional), and feta cheese or small dollops of goat cheese. Shake and pour the Grapefruit Ginger dressing and enjoy…perhaps poolside?