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reCAP® Mason Jars Sprayer | Regular Mouth

reCAP® Mason Jars Sprayer | Regular Mouth

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Put all of your old Mason jars to good use with this Mason jar sprayer lid.  Use it in combination with a traditional regular mouth Mason jar to mix up your own eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaners.  These sprayers are also great as the perfect plant sprayer and room freshener sprayer.

reCAP® Lids fit all regular mouth, standard-sized Mason jars such as Atlas, Ball, Bernardin, Golden Harvest, Kerr, Kilner, Legacy, Orchard Road, and Quattro Stagioni.

The STREAK-FREE CLEANING CLOTHS work great with these sprayers!!


ECO-FRIENDLY - reCAP lids are a no-break, smart plastic that will last a lifetime. And by re-using our lid with Mason jars, eliminates single-use plastics and will outlast any metal Mason jar accessory.  reCAP lids are packaged in recyclable paper, not plastic.

MADE IN THE USA - reCAP is made here in our hometown, Erie PA. We are the first multi-purpose Mason jar cap. Don’t settle for knock-offs. Why does this matter? We are creating local jobs and reducing our carbon footprint. 

SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY - Lab-certified, FDA-approved food-safe, BPA-free plastic. Top-rack dishwasher safe, stain-resistant, no-break material, and freezer proof. A removable silicone gasket provides a leak-proof seal and frictionless easy-to-remove cap.

MULTI-PURPOSE - Nearly endless uses. Turn your Mason jar into a spray dispenser with this plastic trigger sprayer for cleaners or other mist-dispensing products. This trigger sprayer has a wide head and ergonomic shape for user comfort. It also an 8" dip tube and a variable sprayer ranging from high output to mist. Excellent coverage on mist setting. Super strong on high output setting.

PATENTED DESIGN - We created the original Mason jar POUR Lid. Unique exterior design with an easy-to-hold grip.


reCAP will replace all products (except accessories*) which reCAP confirms by visual inspection to have defects in material or workmanship. Items damaged due to improper care, abuse, or normal wear and tear (e.g., fading, scratching) including products with chips, dents, fading, or peeling will not be replaced. Accessories are not guaranteed. It does not include accessories (such as pump, sprayer, oil tap, etc.), gaskets, or jars.

The story behind the Sprayer Lid:
The inspiration for the SPRAYER cap came from the reCAP Mason Jars founder, Karen Rzepecki. Karen hates waste and wanted to reuse a Mason jar to make and refill a variety of cleaners. Throughout Karen’s house you’ll find the reCAP SPRAYER used with window cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, floor cleaner, countertop cleaner, fruit and vegetable spray for cleaning and preventing browning. But Karen cautions everyone to be careful in the tub/shower area and use a plastic Mason jar, not glass.

When you purchase this product from reCAP you are getting a piece of American history and a lifetime guarantee of our unmatched quality.

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