• I love your reCAP lids, which I have dozens of. Many thanks for your wonderful products and how you go about making them. -Irene C.

  • Very nice lids, dishwasher safe on top rack, sturdy. I bought some of these in a sample pack from this company awhile ago and found these flip lids so useful that I purchased a 4 pack of Flips Rebecca M.

  • On the first day. I was all, those are kinda expensive. But they are a little cheaper if I get a 4 pack. So I did and now, I know those are worth every penny. And the construction is built to last an adult for life. I don't see ANY points of failure. -Michael

  • Love these things! I often make salad dressing in a mason jar and I can vigorously shake the jar with this cap on and there is no leakage. I highly recommend this product! -Sally B.

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