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reCAP® Mason Jars Streak-Free Cleaning Cloths | 3-Pack

reCAP® Mason Jars Streak-Free Cleaning Cloths | 3-Pack

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Included:  3 Streak-Free Cleaning Cloths

Start saving money and reduce waste by using this multi-purpose cleaning cloth!

1 - Wet with water
2 - Wring out well
3 - Wipe your surface
4 - Walk away!  No need for paper towels or a second cloth to dry and polish.

reCAP Sprayers are great to use with these cleaning cloths for all your cleaning needs!

Care Instructions:
*Hand or machine wash when dirty (do not use fabric softener)
*Air Dry (do not dry in dryer)
*Bleach is OK
*Do not wash with bath towels

Why you'll LOVE the Perfectly Streak Free Cloths:
1. Easy to Use! Simply Wet it - Wring it - Wipe your surface - Walk away. When it's dirty - Wash it!
2. Saves you Time! Cleans dries &; polishes in 1 easy step. No more sprays, soaps, or pastes. No more secondary sponges, cloth, or paper towels!
3.  Saves you Money! Eliminates paper towels. Use over and over for hundreds of uses.
4. Safe for you and your family. Great for the environment. Removes the chemicals from homes & businesses. Easy on the trees!
5. Washable; Good for 50 washings & beyond! Safe for ALL surfaces!


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