Four Coffee Storage Tips and Tricks

Four Coffee Storage Tips and Tricks

Whether you buy freshly ground coffee from your favorite cafe or you just grab whatever is on sale at the grocery store, I think we can all agree that coffee makes the world go ‘round. Mason jars capped with reCAP Mason jar lids make the perfect coffee storage solution, allowing for easy scooping and measuring.

Somehow, a perfectly brewed cup of coffee makes the morning instantly better. While everyone appreciates a fresh, on-the-go cup of joe, dropping by a cafe every morning can become expensive quickly.

By using Mason jars to store your coffee, you can easily bring that same café freshness right to your home. Save yourself the time it takes to wait in line for your barista-crafted latte and keep your wallet juiced up with these storage tips and tricks.


Natural or artificial light is no friend to your java beans. While coffee does come prepackaged in an opaque bag or can, the National Coffee Association says retail packaging is not ideal for the storage of coffee beans.

That's why we recommend using amber-glass Mason jars. Clear Mason jars will minimize moisture and air contact, however, light still diminishes the quality of coffee beans. Amber glass has unique ultraviolet light-blocking properties that preserve the freshness of its contents.



Coffee beans begin to lose their freshness right after roasting. To ensure a quality cup o' joe, the National Coffee Association suggests purchasing what you need for home brews in one to two-week quantities at a time.

The "Golden Ratio" is one to two tablespoons of coffee grounds per six ounces of water. So, for example, if you're a one-cup-a-day person with a preference for two tablespoons, you'll need 28 tablespoons of coffee for a two-week supply. Keep in mind that a tablespoon is equivalent to half an ounce, so you'll want to pick up a 14-ounce bag of beans.



Air is also an enemy to a good cup of coffee. Make sure your container of choice has an airtight seal, especially if you buy pre-ground beans. 

The reCAP FLIP Lid is the perfect companion to your amber glass Mason jar. The lid is designed to work with all regular-mouth Mason jars and keep contents tightly sealed. This seal is key to maintaining fresh beans, especially if stored in the fridge or freezer.



To store or not to store in the cold is highly debated because coffee is hygroscopic, which means it readily absorbs moisture, odors, and even tastes lingering in the air. No one wants to detect the flavor of leftovers in their coffee. Ideally, keep excess coffee you won't use in the freezer or fridge for up to a month. Once you are ready to use it, keep it on the counter or in a cool cabinet. 


simple syrup in mason jar

If you’d like a barista-crafted beverage without the steep cost, try making your own creamers and simple syrups. The reCAP Mason Jar Pour Spout makes it easy to pour out your DIY creations.

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