Cuppow Mason Jar Lids & Accessories

Cuppow is an American company that develops everyday products that help us live a low-impact life.


Cuppow Mason Jar Divider Cup BNTO | Wide Mouth

Cuppow Mason Jar Drinking Lids

Cuppow started by developing a product that would help us decrease our own environmental footprint. Our flagship product is the Cuppow drinking lid for canning jars, a simple adaptor that allows people to upcycle an everyday item into the only travel mug they’ll ever need. We bring this same intention into all of our products by designing for utility and simplicity.


We develop quality products robust enough to last a lifetime.

Our products are designed so we can have a lower impact on the world around us. We develop products that can be used everyday as alternatives to disposables. We want these things to be go-tos, the items you don’t leave home without. Take them everywhere you go, every day, and enjoy using them every single time you do.

We use only domestic options in our supply, manufacturing, and fulfillment.


We’re an American company, so we support American jobs. We believe that a strong and healthy country is founded on good work, so we do our best to support this: all of the vendors in our supply chain share our values and are companies that we believe in. Our work builds community, and we don’t see the point in making sustainable products that are shipped here from overseas.

We encourage customers to buy from local brick and mortar stores in the hopes of supporting vibrant Main Streets in every town. This way, the cash you spend on our products stays locally within your community.

We use recycled and safe materials. 


We work hard to source high quality and responsibly produced materials in order to make premium products for our customers. Opting to use recycled materials in our products is a cornerstone of our ongoing commitment to divert as much unnecessary waste from landfills as possible. By choosing to buy products made from recycled materials, you’re helping to preserve this beautiful world and create a more sustainable future for everyone.

We love our customers.

We are making a company that does the type of business we would want to support, and we only develop products that we would want to buy. That said, we wouldn’t be here without you and your support means the world to us.

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