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Cuppow Mason Jar Drinking Lids | Original Orange | Wide Mouth

Cuppow Mason Jar Drinking Lids | Original Orange | Wide Mouth

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These Cuppow Mason Jar Drinking Lids turn your Mason jar into the perfect glass travel mug. It's an excellent option for everything from water to iced coffee.

Made in USA - Cuppow products are made right here in America! We make all of our lids and divider cups from food-grade recycled plastic. These drinking lids for Mason jars are also BPS and BPA-free.

Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives - Not only is this Cuppow Mason Jar drinking lid super convenient, but it's also an eco-friendly alternative to cheap plastic travel mugs and disposal cups.

About Cuppow - Cuppow is an American company that develops everyday products that help us live low-impact lives. We use only domestic options in our supply, manufacturing, and fulfillment.  Cuppow offers a lifetime warranty on all of the products we make. If anything of ours breaks, rips, tears, or otherwise doesn't perform as expected, you can return it. We will recycle it for you and either replace it or offer a full refund.

Jars not included.

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