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The Mason Jar: Preserving 160 Years of History eBook Download

The Mason Jar: Preserving 160 Years of History eBook Download

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We wrote this ebook to commemorate the Mason jar. Why do Mason jars stand the test of time? One reason is that they perfectly characterize good design. Mason jars are innovative, useful, aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand, unobtrusive, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

But to me, it goes much further. Mason jars are a symbol for the American "how-to" spirit and heart of the home. There is this unexplainable endearing quality that provides comfort.

"I see the same Mason jar articles published over and over, and I wanted something different. I wanted to dive deeper. I, too, have a patent on a Mason jar lid, and just in this decade, there are an amazing amount of new products focused on making Mason jars even more versatile.

It was a lot of fun uncovering the details of these inventions from the past 160 years. I engaged university students, Mason jar experts, and professional writers to help tell this story. We provide resource links to patents, books, and research papers to help you go even deeper should you wish. Enjoy!"

-Karen Rzepecki, Founder of

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