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reCAP® Waterless Airlocks for Fermentation | 3-pack

reCAP® Waterless Airlocks for Fermentation | 3-pack

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These waterless fermentation airlocks make fermenting easy! This new design from reCAP is quickly becoming a household staple and small-batch fermentations are a staple in an active lifestyle. From creations like Kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha the waterless fermentation airlocks are ideal for your ferments.

Mix these waterless fermentation airlocks with a pour carry lid, and you’ve got yourself a fermentation system that’ll last for years to come. This tried and tested solution is simple to use, has fewer pieces and steps, and delivers better results than traditional methods and current Mason jar fermenting tools that we've tested. No more messy water-filled airlocks, rubber stoppers, or missing pieces. 

Need the complete fermentation set? Go to Fermentation 6-Piece Starter Kit


Our lids are lab-certified:

  • BPA-Free
  • Top-Shelf Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Safe 
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Made in the USA

ECO-FRIENDLY - reCAP lids are a no-break, smart plastic that will last a lifetime. And by re-using our lid with Mason jars, it eliminates single-use plastics and will outlast any metal Mason jar accessory.  reCAP lids are packaged in recyclable paper, not plastic.

MADE IN THE USA - reCAP is made here in our hometown, Erie PA. We are the first multi-purpose Mason jar cap. Don’t settle for knock-offs. Why does this matter? We are creating local jobs and reducing our carbon footprint. 

SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY - Lab-certified, FDA-approved food-safe, BPA-free plastic. Top-rack dishwasher safe, stain-resistant, no-break material, and freezer proof. A removable silicone gasket provides a leak-proof seal and frictionless easy-to-remove cap.

MULTI-PURPOSE - Nearly endless uses. Turn your Mason jar into a water bottle on the go with our fold-out carry loop. A great storage container for dry goods or liquid. Organize your kitchen, bath, home, or office. It can be used for infusions using our shaker inserts, and fermentation with an airlock. 

PATENTED DESIGN - We created the original Mason jar POUR Lid. Unique exterior design with an easy-to-hold grip. The POUR top lid is secure and won’t open in your bag or backpack and stays open when you’re pouring or drinking. The flipper and carry loop are streamlined and securely attached and will never fall off. It comes with a removable silicone gasket for a leak-proof seal and easy cleaning.

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